mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Upcycle Jewellery tutorial: Pine cone necklace

Ajouter une légende
 I enjoy playing around with so many different " ingredients" for jewellery making, jewellery can be made from many upcycled elements. So continuing on the theme of using natural elements in jewellery design I will show you in this tutorial how to make earrings and necklaces from the larger pine cone scales.This project is simple but it might inspire you to create more complicated natural jewellery.
A nice "fresh pine cone"

Chose a fresh cone as the colour will be brighter and it even looks like its been varnished. Brake a way the scaled from the cone use pliers for this as it quiet tough.

Trim the edges with scissors.

Drill a small hole in the top with the smallest drill bit you have.

   Use jump rings so you can thread the scales onto necklaces or earrings.

                                                                   Some examples

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  2. Amazing project! Really inspiring :) Cheers!

  3. I just made that necklace, it is so lovely!

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